November 4th, 2009 (Short Run)

Surprise Surprise / The Farewell Circuit

I thought that I lost you
I thought you were so gone
I thought you had left me
Thought you were so far gone and I was left alone.

I thought that you wanted,
me to be someone,
me to be someone
me to be somebody else
So I changed myself

If you become my everything
If you become…

You changed your mind

I thought that you came back
but then you just turned back
And I was left there crying on my knees
Crying on my knees

But to my surprise you stuck around
Surprise surprise
But to my surprise…


So I decided to keep my blog going while I am out on the road.

Today, we embarked on a three day journey to San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, and back. As we filled up for gas this morning around lunch time, I noticed a huge puddle of liquid underneath the car, so I uneasily knelt to the ground to see what was up. Some older gentlemen next to me started describing what it could have been. I in no way remember what he was saying, because of my non existent knowledge of cars, but I was thankful for his time. It stopped leaking though, so we decided to continue on to Ben's (our sound guy) house.

It was great being with each other again. All of the touring memories quickly came to mind and collectively were in a great mood. But a new and exciting thing about this trip so far was that it was our new drummers (Mitch Krebs) first show with us. What better way to kick it off than being on the road together for this short amount of time? So all in all, we were all excited to leave home for these few upcoming days.

We are currently at the Downtown Brew in San Luis Obispo playing with some local bands, and our new friends in Nothing Ever Stays, who were gracious enough to set this show up for us and promote it like crazy. They have worked very hard for this, so guys, thank you very much for all of your hard work. I hope to pay you back some time in the near future when needed.

I am literally in the "green room" with bits and pieces of the green walls missing and out of place. This venue has been a favorite of ours over the last couple months. So needless to say, we are happy to back!

Well, as the bands set up and sound check, we look forward to seeing how tonight ends up! With prayer, we feel set to go, so if anyone is reading this, please be praying for us tonight and for the show we have in Sacramento on Friday night. I sincerely miss all of my friends back at home, and even though lots has happened this past week, I know the Lord has been stirring something huge in my heart and in the hearts of others. Even if there is more pain to come, I believe God has the best in store, even when I think I already know what's best.

I still feel the same. Farewell for now.

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