November 6th, 2009 (Short Run)

Need To Love / The Starting Line

Northbound train on a Saturday.
Here I come New York City.
And deep in thought on a little sleep,
Distance took my love away.
Do you need to love?
Do you need to love?
Do you need to love someone?

I stare at strangers subtly,
Reading and softly speaking.
When Princeton boards, and sits by me.
Sir, can I ask you something?
Do you need to love?
Do you need to love?
Do you need to love someone?
Oh, do you need? (Oh, do you need?)
Oh, do you need? (Oh, do you need?)
Do you need...
Do you need someone?

Sometimes when there is no one to love you back, all the time.
When you're in need and desperate to fall asleep.
Ain't it wild? Oh, aren't you tired?
Oh, isn't it making you lose your mind?

Well do you need to love?
Do you need to love?
Do you need to love?


So, I missed yesterday. Big deal.

The place we stayed at the last couple nights had no internet connection, but we finally got connected tonight at the church we are playing at up in Sacramento. The event is called "First Friday" and happens every first friday of the month. We got here a bit early to set up and sound check and already feel that tonight, even though this place isn't exactly built to be a "venue," will be a fun one due to the familiar faces we have seen walk through the doors thus far.

It's always an encouraging thing to see people who have supported you over the years and who keep coming back to see you when you are in town. It makes these long drives and stretched days more than worth it. So, needless to say, I am stoked to play the show tonight amidst Chris being sick and this being Mitch's second show with us. I look forward to it.

So, all that happened yesterday was Chris and I going to the bank and finally opening up a bank account for the band. I filled out some paper work months ago to get our business license, but just haven't found the time to set stuff up at the bank until yesterday. But, we are finally a business and have an account set up, which we were more than ecstatic about!

Well, I don't have much time on here, but we are leaving after the show ends tonight to head back home, so please keep us in your prayers tonight as you go to bed. It will be a long drive for us (about seven hours?). I look forward to being with friends and family again though! It was a great time to get away and breath for a couple days. I hope to see most of you soon!

I still feel the same. All I did was listen to music in the van today that reminded me of exactly who this person is to me. My thoughts don't stray away. What feels right within my heart doesn't fade. Farewell friends.

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