November 7th (The End To A Run)

Up And Go / The Starting Line

here it goes and this won't take long
just let me dedicate a song
to a girl who'd turn this boy to stone
and you know who you are
here's a hint, she doesnt have a car
or the time to be in love with me

why did you say
this feeling has to stay?
left me to wait for so long

you don't have to stay
but I hope you'll do it anyway
all you did was up and go

excuse me but this won't take long
i'm sorry for writing you this song
but just what do you think you deserve?
because when you had the chance for romance
you burned it at both ends
i guess I'm not sorry at the least

what made you say
this feeling has to stay?
picking yourself for so long


I woke up somewhere in Long Beach at seven this morning. Not getting enough sleep in a van during the long night drives is a very unsettling feeling for me. I don't do well with overnighters and such. It's just not me, but I will do it when it needs to be done. Ben said his farewell's... and we moved on to Mitch's house. There, the other three of us parted ways.

I finally arrived at home about twenty minutes ago, was greeted by my mother, and now am about ready to pass out. The only important thing is that I figured out at the farthest destination within our trip was roughly about 420 miles away from home. Nothing changed. Over the course of the past three days, the majority of music I listened to was from The Starting Line. It's something I grew up with, and now has a new definition for me. If that's weird, then that's fine. But I don't ever want to stray away from what I grew up with and what brings back early memories of being in bands and discovering music for what it really was to me. It's all I have wanted to listen to lately, and I am beyond content with that.

Even in all the miles and days that separated, I still feel the same. I won't be back on here until we leave in early December for our tour around the state of Texas with our good friends in The Red Airplanes. I am excited to see what that distance has in store for me.

For now, farewell and goodnight.

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